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June 08, 2015  •  1 Comment

Much of my writing of late has been in the form of reviews and essays for Photography Life.  Reviewing gear can get boring if you let it, so instead of shooting lens charts, I like to get creative with real world examples.  Following are some shots I had fun taking with two new offerings from Nikon - the Coolpix P900 with its crazy 24-2000mm equivalent zoom, and the new DX flagship the D7200.  If you are interested in the techy details please click the links to get to the reviews I did.  Without further ado.


Here's the P900 catching a flight of Turkey Vultures passing by the Desert View Watchtower at Grand Canyon.  Shot from over a mile away - bravo for the zoom range.


And inside the Watchtower.  Designed by Mary Colter and built in 1932.  The paintings were done by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie.


Looking west down canyon.  Smoke from prescribed fires added to the haze.


Moonrise in Sedona, again with the P900, but at moderate zoom range for it.  Fully zoomed you can fill the frame with the moon.


On to the D7200, which I was interested in for it's wildlife capabilities.  The autofocus system works great and this Osprey can attest.


This other Osprey looks less enthused.  Actually it might be clearing a bone stuck in it's throat.


Ah, the rarely seen Virginia Rail came out and posed for a few shots after sunset.  I'd only seen one before and only got a shot of it's butt disappearing in the reeds.  Can you say ISO 5000?


Not a great shot, but a really great and uncommon bird - the Gray Hawk.  These guys rarely mess around soaring lazy circles like other hawks.  Instead they blast past like they are always on a mission to get past my camera before I can get a lock on them.  I'll be back for more with these beauties.


Why should birds get all the fun?  A nice Pronghorn buck near Chino Valley.  Digging the D7200's fur-level detail.


And what about amphibians?  Canyon Tree Frog northeast of Chino Valley.


Let's not forget the invertebrates.  Making more dragonflies near Whitehorse Lake.


All that sex can make a girl hungry.  While the male minds to his business, this female Pond Strider spied a fly which it caught and ate while the male was still mounted.  Who needs cigarettes?  (As a technical note, the male had probably already inseminated the female, but will hang out on top of the female, sometimes for several hours, to make sure no other male tries to share his genes with her.)


GT likes invertebrates too.  Female Western Box Turtle in Scottsdale backyard.  She's been hanging with the jet set pet set for over 15 years now, maybe 30.  Rumor has it she has implants under her belly plate.


The D7200 does fine at landscapes too.  Baboquivari Peak from Buenos Aires NWR.  Had to climb it a few weeks later. 


Messing around with a plasma globe and 6400 ISO at Kitt Peak.  We thought Chuck had already killed all his brain cells, but the plasma globe managed to suck a few more out through his nose. 


Damn, that's one huge yucca.  And AZ's classic desert dove - the White-winged Dove.  Underneath Baboquivari.


And perhaps my favorite with the two cameras (this one back to the P900).  Landscape photographer immersed in his work at Grand Canyon.



Text and photos all ©John Sherman.  Please no reproduction without written permission.


Great pics, John. Just wondering how much zoom does one need?
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