The Tooth Fairy Strikes Hard

July 24, 2013  •  6 Comments

When is going to the dentist an awesome deal?  When the dentist finds a decayed spot in the molar you tear off bottle caps with and says you need come back first thing the next morning to get a filling.  Well when life gives you limes, make a Vermarita I say.  So I had to put my Grand Canyon plans on hold and instead went to nearby Watson Lake to scout out photo ops.  I was in the van, yacking with DKish on the phone, when I saw a prominent "V" cutting across the lake surface about 100 yards away.  A cormorant surfaced nearby, giving some scale to the object making the wake.  Whatever it was, it was small; too small to ID through my binos.  Guessing turtle, I grabbed my D600 with 80-400mm attached and went to the lakeshore.  I found a sparsely vegetated spot where I could get to the water's edge, then very obligingly the critter, which turned out to be a gartersnake, decides to check me out and swims straight towards me. 


"Make sure you get my good side."  Gartersnake approaching camera, Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona.


The dude even stops offshore right at the minimum focusing distance of my lens.  Nevertheless, his head is no bigger than my thumb, so I'll get to be my happy cropoholic self later.


Bold bug comes in for a pass.  1/1250, f/5.6, 80-400 @400mm, ISO 320, Nikon D600


Next a damselfly starts buzzing him.  Rad.  This could only get better if...


No way!  It's an Enallagma civile. (Familiar Bluet to you laypeople).


And then the Money Shot.


You want Happy Ending?  The snake did not eat the damselfly (saving his appetite for a frog later), but rather just slowly submerged and the bluet flew away.






6.Bob Banks(non-registered)
Straight fucking awesome.
5.Renee Dennis(non-registered)
4.Julie Frederick(non-registered)
These really are rad photos. I hope you're in touch with photo editors at Nature Conservancy or NatGeo or something. I have the new NC calendar (2014). It's a beautiful calendar (well, beautiful photos), and your shots are better.
these are amazing shots.... in awe.
what are the chances ---- and there you are! Great shots of
magic event!!!
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