The Cop and The Artist - Round Two

March 28, 2013  •  1 Comment

After I cloned away that tree branch in the previous post, I felt like a king, Rodney King to be exact.  Yep, The Cop beat me so ruthlessly I couldn't even finish the cloning job and just posted it up all half-assed to see the reactions, which have been a mixed bag.   It was a good experiment going public with the shot as it got me to think more about the role of post-processing in my photography.  It also raised the question can The Artist ever beat The Cop?  It's art versus order, emotion versus accuracy, Lightroom sliders versus nightsticks in the continuing battle royal for the Verm's soul.  Round one went to the cop (check last post if you missed the Peregrine and Steller's Jay shot).  Round two?  Boom.


Common Black Hawk at moonrise.  Going all Edgar Allan Poe with this look. 

Whoa, The Cop strictly enforces the no oversaturation rule, so the Artist hits him below the belt with an undersaturated grunge look.  Before The Cop can unhinge from the waist, the Verm says, "I like the emotion in this.  It reminds me of the feeling when this was shot as the moon rose in the gloaming."  Nothing cloned out or added in.


Elegant Trogon (female) at Patagonia Lake, Arizona. Aw, shucks.

The Cop won't fall for that trick twice and blows the whistle on the Trogon, but what's this?  These are actual colors, nothing but the Lightroom Punch preset with some post-crop vignette tossed in.  The Cop stands for the old film days rules and can't complain that he got hit with the old left right dodge burn.  The Artist has The Cop staggering.


Holy pinhole Batman!  What's The Joker up to now? Great Blue Heron diving through trees, Page Springs, Arizona.

So aghast at the moronic IQ of this shot, The Cop doesn't even notice the grunge preset.  The Verm too is confused, because he likes this.  He recognizes birds aren't all warm and fuzzy, especially Great Blue Herons, who sit around for hours just waiting to fuck up some fish's day.  Somehow this shot captures that feeling of menace.

Ding ding ding.  Round Two is over.  The Cop staggers to his corner and a big dose of smelling salts.  The Artist pumps his fists in the air to the roar of the crowd.  All tied up after two rounds.  Let's go to our commentators in the booth for a recap of these first two rounds.

Buster - "Well the battle for Verm's soul has got interesting.  After round one I was convinced The Artist didn't stand a chance.  The Verm obviously doesn't have the chutzpah to clone out anything more than a dust bunny or more than an inch of offending twig."

Granitico - "I don't what his corner said to him between rounds, but The Artist came out swinging.  He's showing some real emotion out there with the sliders.  When a contrast, color temp or saturation tweak can add to the mood of a shot he didn't back down."

Buster - "The Artist showed us something we hadn't seen before, that's for sure.  But, he has yet to take a solid one on the chin from The Cop.  I'll be interested to see just what that chin's made of.  If it's made of glass, he'd better hope it's Nano-coated."

Granitico - "Anybody who doesn't have this scored one-one on their card has taken one haymaker too many.  We've got a helluva a heavyweight battle brewing.  Grab your beers quick cuz here comes the ring girl for Round Three."





Best one yet.(non-registered)
I know, maybe not the most straightforward, but certainly the most interesting. I like it when the cop and the artist get into it--look what happens!
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