Monshrooms Part Deux

October 04, 2013  •  5 Comments

I was originally going to call this post We Are the Champignons, but discovered that champignon isn't simply French for mushroom but more specifically refers to Agaricus campestris, an edible type of mushroom.  None of the mushrooms pictured in this post are edible to my knowledge so don't chow on these (in fact I handled them with gloves in case they were poisonous).  The last post celebrated the amazing monster 'shrooms we got with the huge 2013 monsoon season in Flagstaff.  This post shows off fancy fungus found on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in September 2013.  Without further ado:



and for those who prefer their fungus in color...


(addendum 10/14/2013 - The little red 'shroom is likely the toxic Witch's Hat.)




5.Si Young(non-registered)
I love the mono shots...
Lovely work,
4.Julie Frederick(non-registered)
I like the yellow one with the little brown leaf stuck to its cap and base. The little leaf beret perched atop the baleen-whale-esque mushroom is cool, too. I've never seen that kind of thing before.
BRILLIANT!!! nice work:)
2.Iolanthe culjak.(non-registered)
Love it John!
These are lyrical and brilliant. I like the B & W; there's subtlety to the features that B & W really pulls out!
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